Mission and Objective

Our mission is to create an avenue of escape for individuals and organizations sending a message to the world that the power of creativity comes in all shapes, forms, and fashions. We believe there are many things to say but go unsaid because of the stifling grips of our society. The greatest task of all is saying it with the same essence and spirit of the one who feels it. We aim to meet all the heartfelt ideas and opinions of our clients and sponsors.

The goal of NJ Productions is to tear off the muzzles of our feelings and say it loud enough for others to hear it in a play, a song, or a message. Our research has shown us that no matter what the barriers are; being racial, economical or religious, we all have the same struggles and challenges. This alludes to the variety of participants that we afford an opportunity to. With this in mind we endeavor to impact the lives of individuals and in return those same individuals can impact the world.